Places to visit in Bangladesh

The rather crowded capital city of Bangladesh lies on the bustling north bank of the Buriganga River, roughly in the center of the country. A must-see in the Old City of Dhaka is the area between the two main water transport terminals, Sadarghat and Badam Tole where the panorama of river-life on the Buriganga is particularly fascinating. This area is always crowded with people and watercraft of every type. Along the waterfront is the old pink baroque-style palace, Ahsan Manzil, which although relatively small, houses one of the regionís most interesting museums. Other attractions include Lalbagh Fort, attractive mosques and the National Museum.
Ahsan Manzil Museum Train - Dhaka National Museum
Parliament Dhakeshwari Temple Lalbagh Fort

Sundarban Mangroves
Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world, stretching 80 km into the Bangladeshi hinterland from the coast. It covers an area of 38,500 sq. km., of which about one-third is water. It is estimated that there are around 400 Royal Bengal tigers and several thousand spotted deer in the area. Also, one can see crocodiles sunbathing in the mud and species of migratory birds in the winter.

Country Boat Sundarban Deer Sundarban Savannah
View form Watch-tower Watch-tower Watching deer form boat

The second largest city in Bangladesh lies on the bank of the Karnaphuli River and has an interesting old waterfront area known as Sadarghat which reflects the importance of river-trade to the city's growth. Nearby is the old Portuguese enclave of Paterghata which remains mostly Christian and has a colonial church. The Shahi Jama-e-Masjid and Qadam Mubarak Mosque are two of the most impressive buildings in the city. It's also worth visiting the Ethnological Museum in the Agrabad area which has quite interesting displays on Bangladesh's tribal peoples.

Chittagong 'Mini Bangladesh' Theme Park Tower, Chandgaon  

Cox's Bazar
Bangladesh's main beach resort which lies near the Myanmar border, it is an enormous expanse of shark-free beach. South of Cox's Bazar, are secluded beaches where having a swim can still be a private experience. A short speedboat journey away is Maheskhali Island, where there is an ancient Hindu temple (during February there is a huge gathering for Shivaratri) and Buddhist shrines in the tribal area where you can see and purchase beautiful hand loom cloth directly from the tribal women weavers. You can also observe sea salt production and shrimp farming.

Located at a distance of 18 km to the north of Bogra town, Mahasthangarh is the oldest archaeological site (belongs to 3rd century BC) of Bangladesh on the western bank of river Karotoa. The spectacular site is an imposing landmark in the area having a fortified long enclosure. Beyond the fortified area, other ancient ruins fan out within a semi-circle of about 8 km radius. Several isolated mounds, the local names of which are Govinda Bhita Temple, Khodai Pathar Mound, Mankalir Kunda, Parasuramer Bedi, Jiyat Kunda etc. surround the fortified city.
Boats Himsori World's longest Sea Beach

Paharpur (World Heritage Site)
In Paharpur, a small village 5 km west of Jamalganj Railway Station in the greater Rajshahi district, the remains of the most important and the largest known monastery south of the Himalayas has been excavated. This 8th century AD archaeological findings cover approximately an area of 27 acres of land. The architecture of the pyramidal cruciform temple is profoundly influenced by those of South-East Asia, especially Myanmar and Java. It had taken its name from a high mound, which looked like pahar or hillock. The antiquities of the museum include terracotta plaques, images of different gods and goddesses, potteries, coins, inscriptions, ornamental bricks and other minor clay objects.
Buddhist Somapuri Vihara Buddhist Somapuri Vihara Buddhist Somapuri Vihara

A lush and verdant rural area belonging to the Chakma tribe is open to visitors, as is Kaptai Lake. The lake, ringed by thick tropical and semi-evergreen forests, looks like nothing else in Bangladesh. While the lake itself is beautiful, the thatched fishing villages located on the lake shore are what make a visit really special. Boats which visit the villages leave from Rangamati. Bring your swimming gear because you can take a plunge anywhere. The town itself is crowded with baby taxis and becoming increasingly polluted. Avoid holidays and Fridays when hundreds of Bengali 'picnickers' converge in crowded buses, each competing with the loudest cinema music screaming tape systems mounted on the roofs.

Rangamati Rangamati Rangamati
Rangamati Rangamati Shahid Minar

It is a small hill district and home town of the Bohmong tribal king. It is the base for travelling south by country boats down the Sangu River to Ruma, Thanchi and points beyond. Tuesday is the weekly market when you'll see tribal folk from miles around. There is a large Buddhist water festival every April.
Bandarban Bandarban Bandarban
Chimbuk Shahid Minar Shoilo Propat

St. Martin's Island
This small coral island stretches about 14 km southwest of the southernmost town of Teknaf from the mainland. It is a quaint tropical paradise covering only 8 sq. km. with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. Approximately 5,000 fishers live on this Island. A ferry leaves Teknaf for St. Martin every morning (as per tides) and takes around 3 hrs. It's difficult to go and return in one day, so plan to stay at least one night.

An island off St. Martin's Island Coral Island St.Martin's Island